Watch what Lumo Energy had to say!

“Pauline has a unique set of presentation skills that keep the audience enthralled. With clear concise points backed by evidence, Pauline presents useful information that can be used by any individual both in their personal or work life.”
H.N – Private Client, Victoria

“Pauline’s presentation style is unique, fun and engaging. It truly is second-to-none and unlike anything I’ve seen before.”
C.R – Training Organisation, Victoria

“Our team really enjoyed the recent WorkPlace Wellness programme. We loved your energy and enthusiasm and the way in which the program was presented. We had some people saying you were the most engaging speaker we’ve had and were mindful of everyone in the room (including those on videoconference). People around the office are still asking each other if they’ve done their ‘officises’ recently.”
K.B – Care Super, Victoria

“I know Pauline for over a year now. I have to say that she is . Her charming personality can bright the space wherever she goes and make everyone feels happy and comfortable. I have been to Pauline’s event few times, Pauline has made the speak entertaining and I really enjoyed them. Pauline is very passionate about what she do and how to help others feel better mentally and physically. Highly recommended.”
A.C – Private Client, Victoria

“I can highly recommend “Bootcamp for the Mind”. I came home feeling like I had shared an extremely special and unique experience, where I had learned new skills and thinking to apply to my life. Between work and family, life often feels chaotic. This weekend was not only a much needed respite, it also gave me hope that I can learn to take the peace of that experience and learn to integrate that amidst the chaos.
Pauline’s depth of knowledge, care and passion for what she does shines through the entire weekend to set a standard of excellent.”
– J.A

Thank you for a great learning experience. I left the Bootcamp weekend enriched with ways to improve my wellbeing at work, thus becoming more productive. I will be implementing the breathing techniques and stretching exercises daily into my daily routine at the office desk as I now know this will take away the lethargy I am currently experiencing. I highly recommend this bootcamp to anyone who wants to feel more energized at work.”
– E.D

“We would like you to come do your magic again.” LUMO ENERGY
“I found it very informative and entertaining. The exercises are easy to do and hopefully staff will employ them as part of their work. Pauline's presentation style was funny and entertaining which made it effective by keeping everyone's' attention and therefore getting the message across. Certainly worth having her back.” K.K, ATO, VICTORIA
“Dynamic presentation. You take a serious situation and make it light hearted. This is a great way to retain such important information. I use my book every day I no longer have shoulder and neck problems and I’ve found the headaches are less. I’ve also noticed colleagues with their little books sitting on their desks AND being used. We’ll have you back any day.” S.D, DEAKIN UNIVERSITY, VICTORIA
“Thanks for coming to Brisbane your program is simple, affective, and does exactly what it says. I was a little sceptic but having participated in the presentation I would have no hesitation to refer you to other organisations. A job well done.” C.D, CORPORATE MAGAZINE, QUEENSLAND
"Pauline was absolutely fantastic. She was so well prepared, extremely polished and made full use of every second she spent presenting to us. We walked out of her session with an extensive list of very practical tips we can implement in our day to day living immediately. And this is what I feel is so important, each workshop needs to be able to offer an 'immediate take home' tip/message/strategy/idea, that can be utilised from the get go. That is what adds value, that is what leaves people feeling like they have just gained or learned something. Pauline did a great job, and again required absolutely no electronic media to make her point." T.C, CRBW, VICTORIA