Vipassana – BootCamp for the Mind:

March 29th 2017

Vipassana – BootCamp for the Mind: 13th – 15th October 2017

What is a Vipassana? It means “To see things as they really are”

A Vipassana is one of India’s most ancient techniques of mediation. This technique has been around for over 2000 years and will give the participant the same benefits today as yesterday, if practiced. This is an excellent introduction to achieving peace of mind, a happy and productive life and also gives us an insight to eliminating distractions this will encourage us to observe clarity, non-attachment and discipline so we can experience better time management, contentment in our personal lives, health and wellbeing and moving toward reducing stress levels long term. We use physical exercise to tone and develop our physical body, why don’t we use mental exercise to strengthen our minds?

Where: Werribee Mansion, Victoria.

When: 13th – 15th October 2017


More Info: or 0407 840 702


The stunning Werribee Mansion.



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