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Students suffer from physical and mental discomfort particularly in year 12.   What can we do to help?

Stress, anxiety, apprehension are key words being expressed by some students as their final exams stare them in the face. Don’t let these words be a part of 2018 students vocabulary.

Teachers, parents and guardians alike, do their very best in giving information, advise and help to their students but sometimes students just need to hear it from someone else.

WorkPlace-EZ is leading the field when it comes to imparting valuable knowledge to our vulnerable students, our future leaders, our greatest resource. These young people need and deserve our full attention and assistance to help them through their school and university years and beyond.

The programs designed by WorkPlace-EZ are interactive, informative, and fun.  This is the best way to retain valuable information.

WorkPlace-EZ highly recommence all 3 programmes be implemented to give the students the best possible opportunity to excel. Each programme has 5 steps.

Programme One:    Be organized, stay organized

Start the year on a positive note.

  1. Maintaining normality in their everyday lives.   

  2. How to develop a routine.

  3. What steps to take if the student is feeling overwhelmed at the beginning of the year.

  4. Organizing a good sleep pattern and healthy brain food.

  5. Breathing to relax.

Programme Two: “Reduce stress,
                                   increase learning power”

Mid year – refresh

  1.   Taking time out daily.

  2. Using eye movement for memory recall.

  3. Hand exercises to prepare for the final Exams.

  4. Movements to prevent body aches and pains and help maintain focus.

  5. The power of The Breath.

Programme Three: “The icing on the Cake,
                                     Check body and mind health”

Prior to final exams

  1. Mind stillness.

  2. Reduce the 3pm brain drain.

  3. Stress management.

  4. Tips to overcome minor illness e.g. cold, sinus, etc.

  5. Self-talk, elevate outcomes.

WorkPlace-EZ has been working with year 12 students, with amazing results for many many year, Australia wide.

All our presenters have a work with children check and have an educational background.

WorkPlace-EZ  work with both Private and Government Schools and have achieved outstanding results.

The investment in year 12s success, ranges from $1,500.00 to $5,000.00 depending on the programme chosen, number of classes required to accommodate and maximalise the students learning plus travel etc.

By request, WorkPlace-EZ has developed a very successful programme to assist teachers, parents and guardians to move through a year that can have many ups and downs.  Frequently we have been asked, “what else can we do to help our children at this time.”  The answer is a great deal when you have the right tools.

To learn more or book a session contact details are:


M:      0407 840 702

What schools have said.

“Our students performed much better than we all thought.”    A.D

“I didn’t think the student would remember to do the simple exercised, but they did”   J.B 

“Wish this had been around when my kids were doing their VCE. So simple and yet so effective”  M.McL