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Students suffer from physical and mental discomfort particularly in year 12.   What can we do to help?

Teachers and parents alike do their very best but sometimes students just need to hear it from someone else.

WorkPlace-EZ is leading the field when it comes to imparting knowledge to our vulnerable students, our future leaders, our greatest resource. These young people need and deserve our full attention and assistance to help them through their school and university years and beyond.

The programs designed by WorkPlace-EZ  are interactive, informative, and fun.  This is the best way to retain valuable information.

Areas covered are:

  • Stress reduction.            The final year of school can be filled with fear, anxiety, frustration, expectation.
  • Mind awareness.           Take time to rest the mind from overload.
  • Exercising the hands.    Reduce hand pain in the exams.
  • Eye Exercisers.              Reduce strain and long term damage.
  • Neck.                             Eliminate Neck pain.
  • Back.                             Strategies to strengthen back and stomach muscles, reducing back pain.
  • Shoulders.                     Tension releasing movements.
  • Sleep.                            Sleep deprivation has devastating effects on wellbeing and mental health.
  • Eating.                           Food that nourish the brain.
  • Balance.                        Students often forget to keep a balance in their life and this can have dire consequence.
  • The Self.                       Self-respect, Self-empowering, self-discipline.
  • Time.                            Time management, time aware.
  • Bullying diffusion.         Skillful strategies to deflect and manage the effects of bullying.


WorkPlace-EZ has been working in this area for many many year and is Australia wide.

All our presenters have a work with children check and have an educational background.

WorkPlace-EZ  work with both Private and Government Schools and have achieved amazing results.

The investment in the success for the year 12 student ranges from $550.00 to $1,500.00 depending on the number of students, travel etc.

To learn more or book a session contact details are:


M:      0407 840 702

What schools have said.

“Our students performed much better than we all thought.”    A.D

“I didn’t think the student would remember to do the simple exercised, but they did”   J.B 

“Wish this had been around when my kids were doing their VCE. So simple and yet so effective”  M.McL