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Harmony 2 Press, H2P, the publishing  house, came about by necessity.  I, with my dear friend Melita, helping and encouraging me along the way as we wrote a book “Officise made easy™.”   Now the book was written, what next?   We went on a very steep learning curve on how to publish a book, how to get this life changing book into offices, bookstores and anywhere where people could be helped by it.   So, H2P was quickly set up and the book was on its way.
The first print sold quickly and the second run was organized to meet the ongoing need because organizations started contacting me to speak at their conferences, workshops etc.
And as they say, the rest is history.

For information on how to purchase books or to book a presentation or to speak at your next function:


mob:          0407 840 702


“OFFICISE MADE EASY”   $14.00 + postage & handling. 

Officise made easy™ is a fabulous little book that gives practical, informative and easy to do movements not just for people who have been injured, but by using these easy to follow, no fuss techniques,  I found it was preventing injury, increasing energy, reducing stress and fatigue.  People were taking their wellbeing into their own hands and reaping the rewards not just at work but beyond.

This is what Dr. Anthony McDonald, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon, had to say:

“In the course of my practice I regularly see patients that are so consumed by their working lives that they neglect what is so important to us – Their body and their minds.   Our backs, our knees, our hips begin to ache.  Gone is the flexibility, the core strength, which we took for granted in our youth.  Strengthening and stretching the muscles can protect our body.
I have personally worked with Pauline for many years and have done the exercises outlined in this book.   For me, these exercises have helped to focus the mind and strengthen the body.   Six months ago I could barely touch my toes.  Now I place my hands flat on the floor.    In Officise made easy™ Pauline and Melita have put together a program that is based on a core understanding of body mechanics and have managed to deliver it in a very simple, easy to follow manner.
I thoroughly recommend you take the time to invest in your health and wellbeing and incorporate these exercises into your day.”



“FAMOUSLY UNKNOWN QUOTES by a FAMOUSLY UNKNOWN AUTHOR”     $12.95 + postage & handling.

This little book of quotes “Famously Unknown Quotes by a Famously Unknown Author” has a most unusual beginning.

I have always had a beautiful note book and pen on my bedside table.  Years ago I was told if you had “troubles and worries” and they are keeping you awake, write them down, this will take them out of your mind so your mind will be free to sleep.
Over the years I have jotted many little bits and pieces – nothing of any great relevance until one morning I awakened a little confused:  “Did I write in my book or was it a dream?”  It must be a dream because I really would remember writing stuff down, I always have.   Becoming fully awake, I reached out for my beautiful note book just to see if I had dreamt writing or if I had indeed written “stuff”.   To my utmost surprise, I was stunned to find legible, sensible and, quite frankly, very profound quotes.

You can only imagine my surprise, I don’t know this “stuff”, I am not a writer, what is going on?
But I thought this was so good, I typed up one of the quotes, printed it, and stuck it on my office wall.  One great quote – wow!  As people come in and out of my office and read and enjoyed this one quote, I thought I was pretty good.  I thought this was the end of my amazing sleep-induced literary experience.

Not to be.

Night after night…………….




For more information or to purchase a copy of my books, or to book me for a work presentation or to speak at your next function.

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mob:           0407 840 702

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