Vipassana – BootCamp for the Mind:

Vipassana – BootCamp for the Mind: 13th – 15th October 2017

What is a Vipassana? It means “To see things as they really are”

A Vipassana is one of India’s most ancient techniques of mediation. This technique has been around for over 2000 years and will give the participant the same benefits today as yesterday, if practiced. This is an excellent introduction to achieving peace of mind, a happy and productive life and also gives us an insight to eliminating distractions this will encourage us to observe clarity, non-attachment and discipline so we can experience better time management, contentment in our personal lives, health and wellbeing and moving toward reducing stress levels long term. We use physical exercise to tone and develop our physical body, why don’t we use mental exercise to strengthen our minds?

Where: Werribee Mansion, Victoria.

When: 13th – 15th October 2017


More Info: or 0407 840 702


The stunning Werribee Mansion.



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Adolescent Stress Levels Through The Roof




As exams for year 11 and 12s swiftly approaches you can feel the tension rising for the students and teachers alike. Students are under a phenomenal amount of stress anxiety which can in some cases, lead to required medical intervention to get them through this period of time. The adolescents pin all their dreams on the one end result and that is also reinforced by parents, media etc. It’s as if the world ends if you do not get the right enter score. If we look at great many successful people they are told they will never amount to anything, they’ll be of no value to society but, of course we know they have gone on and been hugely successful. People like Richard Branson and Lindsay Fox.

So while these Year 11 and 12 exams are very important, I do not believe the level of stress that is placed on these adolescents is necessary. So very often at this tender age, we don’t know what we want to do, or the possibilities that are out there. Adult education can always be picked up at any given time and goals can be reached through alternate learning systems.

For the teachers, they are very nervous as to whether they have done everything in their power to help their students through this stressful, painful, traumatic period of time. Therefore we have two groups wanting an amazing outcome but are both stressed on the way through.

Is this teaching our adolescents how to deal with milestones in their life? I think not. Is this educating our adolescents to traumatise their body each and every time an even in their life is presented? I would say yes. There are much better ways to help our adolescents through this period of time.

One that we’re starting to hear more about is the benefit of meditation (some call it mindfulness). The benefits and the reduction in stress as an outcome, also breathing reduces stress, clears the mind and adds a strength that is void when these techniques are not executed correctly and efficiently. We also know by using our hands in many and varied ways works on the meridians and can also calm the mind, reduce anxiety leaving the user clear-thinking, unfrazzled, and will greatly assist in the user achieving their outcomes.

In this mix we need to put the value of eating live, healthy food. Our adolescents know this, therefore we do not need to lecture them on it, however they do need guidance and from time to time, a reminder. It’s well documented that food sustains the body, energizes and stops the 3pm slack attack/brain drain. Sleep also, is paramount to rest the body and mind and to prepare for the next day.

When you learn the techniques to calm the mind, as well as the best sleeping position, what to and not to eat or drink before you go to bed, how long you use electronics or have social interaction, this will make a huge difference as to whether we have a calm, quiet, rejuvenating sleep, or a night of turmoil leaving us ill-prepared for the day to follow.

There is so much in media that fills our head in preparation for exams; it can be misinterpreted when we are so stressed. Therefore we must have the correct information that is clear and succinct in its delivery so our adolescents do not think it’s a good idea to have a fast day the day before exams.

If you would like to learn more about how WorkPlace-EZ can assist your students to reduce stress – especially at exam time – and achieve their goals, contact us via the contact form, email or call 0407840702.

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