WorkPlace-EZ programs are designed to improve the wellbeing of your employees to maximize productivity and improve their engagement in your business.

Based on Pauline Rooney’s expertise and extensive knowledge, our programs:

  • provide a new and innovative approach to Mindfulness in the workplace
  • boost energy levels
  • increase productivity for individuals and entire organisations
  • prevent the 3pm ‘slack attack’

Pauline is known for her entertaining and energetic presentation style. Each program is packed with easy-to-follow and down-to-earth techniques and Pauline’s lighthearted approach helps participants learn and retain the information.

WorkPlace-EZ programs take minimal time and the techniques can be used wherever and whenever it suits. There is no disruption to the daily work flow.

Our entertaining, energetic and informative programs allow your employees to work better, feel better and elevate the enjoyment of their working day. That means better results for your business.

Our programs include boot-camps for the mind, teaching you how to tune into your body, take steps to improve how you feel, and how to switch off when the workday is done.

*(Fair and safe) Medicare 2009-2010)