No Pain No Gain.

“No Pain No Gain”  This statement could not be further from the truth.  It is the belief of the traditional Hatha Yogis, that to cause pain to your body is being disrespectful to oneself.   Why would you want to punish the very body you expect to support you in health and wellbeing to the end of your days?

We live in a word that is always pushing us to do more.   Be a super mum/dad, climbing the job ladder, hang onto the job we have, always looking over our shoulders as the younger generation is “nipping at our heals”, extend your home, or move to a larger property, get into the housing market, and go on an overseas holiday.  Have it all, do it all.   But in my working experience, I see so many people that are exhausted, stressed, depressed and just plain feeling as if they are not good enough, coping like everyone else, having achieved what other have.   But the reality is that no one can sustain this life-style of continuous pressure before their health takes a toll.

So then, at work we are invited to attend the gym, an exercise class perhaps, and yes, even a lunch time power walk.  All of which are wonderful.  But are we competing with our fellow workers, are we encouraged just to “Step it up a little” get the “adrenaline pumping”?   We hear things like “I had a great session, it nearly killed me”.  What is that telling your body and mind?

All of this “push” to go the extra distance; I believe will add to the anxiety, stress, and feelings of inadequacies.  Isn’t it strange we push ourselves at work, in life generally and to relax we push ourselves again?

There is an alternative, and we are seeing a huge change in the general mind set of people to be mindful and seek calmer activities that have a low impact on the body and the mind.  We are never going to convince the die-hards that love to push themselves beyond the “Pain Barrier” and that’s fine, but let us gives people a choice, whereby they don’t feel they are not strong enough, not good enough or tough enough.

To do gentle exercises with the correct breathing and knowledge of alignment of the exercise, even at the workstation, will give strength, reduction in aches and pains and clarity of mind like nothing else.

What can your organization do to help you?

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