Quick tip for preventing illness and improving health during Winter
  • Layer your clothes. As the weather cools down and workplaces fire up the heaters, it is important to be able to adapt to the changes in temperature and keep our bodies stable.
  • Add turmeric and garlic to your meals to help your body fight off any germs that might be going around. Star Anise is also great for your digestive system and helps to ward of colds and flu.
  • Whatever it is, keep up your exercise routine during the colder months. Motivation can be in short supply during Winter, but regular exercise will be your key to staying in good health – especially when you have the option to exercise indoors where it’s not so chilly!
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Keeping fit at your desk in 5 moves

 It can be hard to keep fit at work, and even harder during the colder months but you can do it. And you don’t even have to leave your desk.
 Here’s how:

  1. The Running Man. While sitting at your desk move your legs up and down as if you were running for at least 30 seconds. The higher the knees the better! Do it whenever you need an energy boost.
  2. Spinal Twists. Sitting down, feet remaining steadily on the ground, turn using only your spine to look over your left shoulder. Slowly come back to centre and repeat on the right side. This will relieve tension in the back and improve circulation.
  3. Jabs. Remembering to breathe, jab the air with clenched fists as fast as you can. This will improve circulation and your cardiovascular system giving you an all-important energy boost.
  4. Torso circles. Feet on the floor as in Spinal Twist and hands on hips. Moving only from your hips make 5 wide circles with your torso before reversing direction and doing 5 more.
  5. Breathe. It seems simple enough, but stopping regularly to take 3 deep breaths is more beneficial to your overall health than you might think.