Beat 3.30itis. Now.

3.30itis, 3pm slack attack, the 3.30 slump – whatever you call it, we all know the feeling. 3pm comes around and all of a sudden we’re tired, can’t concentrate and have no idea how we’ll even make it to 5 o’clock despite that chocolate bar and coffee we consumed at lunch time.

The 3pm slack attack strikes due to a drop in blood sugar levels (hypoglycaemia). Some of the symptoms include lack of energy, reduced mental clarity, headaches, even dizziness.

There’s plenty of information out there to help you prevent it, such as choosing healthier snacks that will work to stabilize your blood sugar levels. This means including protein in your breakfast and lunch, laying off the artificial sugar and snacking on plenty of fruits, nuts and vegies.

You absolutely should do these things, but in the event you had too many biscuits at morning tea and skipped lunch, below are 3 moves you can do right now at your desk to get you out of the 3pm slump and back to your usual wonderful self.

  1. Breathe. Obviously any breathing is good breathing, but deep slow breaths in and out through the nose when you’re feeling less than energetic will help to wake you up. Do this for at least 10 breaths.
  2. Neck rolls. At this point you probably haven’t moved much so tension has probably built up in your body – especially the neck and shoulders if you have a desk job. Raise your shoulders, tilt your head backward, and gently roll your head from left to right. Repeat several times before returning your head back to the centre. Raise your head, moving your shoulders up and down 3 -4 times. You can repeat this process, bringing your head forward this time, but please be sure to never roll your head in a full 360 degree motion – you could seriously hurt yourself.
  3. Running man. Anything that gets your cardiovascular system working is going to energize you. Even at 3.30. While sitting at your desk, run your legs up and down. Fast. You may need to clear yourself of the desk so you don’t hurt your knees, but in this case the higher, the faster, the better. Do this for as long as you can – about a minute or so is usually enough.

We love feedback! Let us know if you tried these out and how they worked for you!

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