5 Steps to No More Steps: Living Honestly and Individually

Is anybody else wearing thin with all these articles claiming they have the 3 Simple Steps to Success, the 7 Magic Steps to Lose Seventy Kilos, or the 4 Easy Steps To Be Rich And Famous? Though I understand the attraction to reader’s attention spans, it really has me doubting an article’s credibility when I’ve seen 50 of the essentially the same article in one Google search.

Perhaps it’s time for us to stop being sheep – time to jump off the ‘step’ bandwagon, and start writing more honestly, and to be frank, more interestingly. It got me thinking about other ways in which popular bandwagons affect our professional lives, and so – very originally –  I’ve come up with these 5 Steps to No More Steps: Living Honestly and Individually.

Step 1: Be an individual and follow your intuition. If it doesn’t sit well with you, don’t do it just because others are. Conversely just because others aren’t doing it, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. Listen to your gut, most of the time, it knows best.

Step 2: Don’t believe the ‘everybody is doing it’ spiel. “Everybody” is only about one in every 10 people.

Step 3: Don’t be a parrot. To some extent, we all want to be liked and wanted, and it can be hard going against so-called popular opinion. So when the media, your next-door neighbour, your sister, and your personal trainer all start raving about this thing that you’ve never heard of and somebody asks you about it, we tend to go along with and pass on all the good reviews of the thing even if we don’t know why it’s good, how it works or even what it is. What’s even worse is when we have an educated opinion on the thing that differs to popular opinion and we don’t verbalise that opinion for fear of being left out. In this case, maybe you should re-evaluate the people you spend time with and aim to surround yourself with people who respect your opinion even if they don’t agree with it

Step 4: STOP USING ACRONYMS. No more acronyms, unless it is accompanied with a glossary. It can be infuriating – take the following passage:

As the CTO of my company, I have a VA that is OS in a VO who doesn’t understand much about HTML or SEO. I had scheduled a meeting with him to discuss some KPIs but was having issues with my ISP. By the EOD with my ISP, I was assured that the solution I needed could be purchased OTC and they would send me an email with the details for which there was NRN.

The first 3 people to decode all of the acronyms, gets a free signed copy of my book – Officise Made Easy™.

Step 5: Most importantly – Remember to love the job you do. Do it well, do it with a smile and do it authentically.

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