Mind Breath Activity, Is this another trend?

                                                                                                                        October 2015 

Mind Breath Activity, Is this another trend?

What is Mind Breath Activity and who needs it?

The race carnival has started and the race that stops a nation is almost here.

The ladies, and not just the ladies, but the gentleman also are in search for the perfect outfit to wear and just in case the weather is not as planned, there needs to be a backup outfit, must be prepared, matching accessories, hair styles to be sorted, nails to be painted, tans to be had. We look amazing. And of course it was no trouble at all, nor was it stressful to look this good.

Well, at least that is what we will say.

We don’t want to admit we have been stressed out of our brains, constantly thinking ‘What will I wear? Can my favourite stylist fit me in?’ – Stressing because you have you been too busy and caught up in your mind to make all the arrangements that are required to ‘effortlessly’ make you look this good.  OH and what if you have left it all too late. Oh no, that if………this is not a thought you need to be having right now.

 You can almost feel the stress levels rising out of all proportion.  In amongst the laughter and excitement, spending time, discussing what to wear, what will be most eye catching, what will be reasonably comfortable and so on and forth, the stress levels are rising, the excitement may not be recognized as stress at first, however for many of you, without even the slightest knowing will be holding your breath, engaging in mind activity without a second thought.

All the time thoughts just ‘pop into’ our head and accompanying that thought, will be breath retention, albeit for a moment or two. This will be followed by an internal statement, conscious or unconscious, to return to whatever it was you were doing.  This process occurs several times throughout a day.

Is this Mind Breath Activity? Yes it is!

Good or bad?

As the first Tuesday in November draws closer, you will be listening to all the experts, the experts just like you and me that only come out once a year to share their vast knowledge on a subject you know very little or nothing at all about. For this short period of time though, you can kid yourselves that  you are the experts and your expertise is real. You know it is real because it has come from the local pub, café,  or might it be said, the church. Anywhere and everywhere you hear something, you add your own little piece of wisdom to it, the more you hear the same horses name, the more convinced you are that know you know. And when you know with such certainty you just want to share, because racing is like a religion, spread it around and hope it does good to one and all.  

Humans love to share, and in particular, if you truly believe, hope and pray, you will pull it off and take out the big prize.  Well, it is your turn after all. Last year you were so close, if the horse in front had not ran so fast, you know the horse you had your money on would have won – and if only you had listened to the bloke at the pub, it is a certainty that you would have taken out $200,000! Won’t make that mistake again. He seemed to be in the know, or at least in your mind you believed he was in the know. 

You can see it all now. The excitement builds, the crowd roars as the horses take off and race around the track at amazing speed. You might have a little, or not so little, wager on the favourite, or that sure thing the bloke at the pub told you about. Now is the moment you have been waiting for. Focused, tense, excited, in anticipation, you watch this amazing race unfold before your very eyes. Hold your breath, hold it tighter, the race is so close, so exciting, hold that breath, you have money on the horse that is coming second, hold your breath, you know if you hold your breath tighter the horse you have your money on will win this amazing race and that means you will win also, you will be a winner. Hold your breath.

Breath held, the mind like the horses, has raced ahead and visualized your dream, the dream of winning, the dream of the money, what will you spend all that money on, you have calculated approximately how much you will win. Yes make sure you are holding your breath it might just make the horse go faster, the question now is, have you or have you not won, and how much, again, breath held in anticipation and the winnings might just be enough to achieve that dream holiday, a car, let’s think really big, you put a wager on the out sider and you know that will pay a much larger dividend maybe enough to pay off the mortgage.  Remember you have heard about miracles like this before. Why not you?

As you return to reality you never thought you would be like everyone else; you wouldn’t get swept away by a horse race after all it is only a horse race and everyone has a little flutter. How, why, when did you put so much money on that horse that is still running?  What will you do now, what were you thinking? You know what to do….hold your breath, let your mind play games with you.

Our poor body! Breath held, Mind racing off in all directions, the highs the lows. Adrenalin pumping.  How often do we hold our breath and allow our minds to wander off each and every day without realizing it? Don’t get it wrong, to day dream is not all bad, it can relieve the mind from the stresses of every day “Stuff”.  For all these times, holding the breath soon add up making it several minute every day depriving the mind and body of life’s most important vital force, the Breath.  The human body cannot last for more than three weeks without food, three days without water and cannot survive without oxygen (Air) for 3 minutes.

Knowing these facts, you will still hold your breath let your mind go off in all directions, play games with you.

If only you could harness your thought and stop them from racing of like the horses on that one day in November, The benefit you would gain form breathing are enormous, oxygen for the brain this helps you think clearly and have productive thoughts, reduces fatigue. Increase circulation. A mini face-lift, increase your cardio vascular rate, oxygenate the blood stream, reduce tied, sore muscles.  And all this is free, yet how do you remember to breathe and breathe when things are not going your way.

The way to keep the mind in order and the breath flowing is to train it, like the amazing horses that will take to the track, they have been trained and not only for a week or so before the great race but for years. Take it a step further their offspring are sort after because of the “blood line” but could it be the innate knowing? Therefore when you train yourself to stay mind focused and breathe naturally deep will the generations to follow have a far greater reduced level of stress, anxiety, depression.  Who knows, it is however, food for thought.

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