5 tips to relieve all of that tension..

Have you been staring at your computer for too long?

Neck and back sore? How about your eyes?

Try these five quick, easy tips and feel better almost instantly.

1. Lift the shoulders back and down. This relieves tension from the neck.

2. Expand the hand and fingers, one hand at a time. This stretches and stops the hands from cramping, because nobody likes carpal tunnel.

3. Gently roll the shoulders forward and back. This relieves the tension from the back and shoulder.

4. Draw a figure-eight pattern with both eyes. This strengthens the muscles around your eyes.

5. Staying seated, move your legs up and down quickly as if you were running, for at least 30 seconds. This gets your blood pumping, helping to reinvigorate your body.

Bonus points if you get out of your seat, go for a walk and grab a drink of water. Your body will love you for it.